Welcome to LifeCare

LifeCare as a healthcare team offers prescription compounding services and counselling, is committed to integrity and excellence with the goal of surpassing the expectations and needs of our customers and health/vet providers.

Our focus will be to provide quality products at affordable prices and services with special emphasis on individualising treatment, help patients achieve their health goals and to improve and maintain their quality of life in our communities. Our innovation has also pitched our speciality services to veterinarians by delivering a wide range of veterinarian medications and products.

We pride ourselves in our dedication as we continuously look and seek for innovative health care solutions to serve and meet your needs at all times, providing the level of outstanding customer care our communities deserve.

Our Vision

We strive to be the preferred compounding pharmacy to the health care needs of the community, ensuring quality care for all our patients, improving their therapeutic outcomes and enhancing patient safety. Together with our customers and healthcare providers we aim to chart a course to make a difference in people’s lives

~ A Focus for Your Better Health.

Our Vision
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote positive commitment to the local community with the goal of ensuring the best healthcare solutions available for our patients through advice, quality customised medicine and unparalleled level of service to meet their individual health and wellness needs.

Our Core Values

  • Safe and Quality Patient Care
  • Integrity and Competency
  • Community Centered
  • Innovation and Personalisation
  • Respect and Teamwork
Our Core Values

Our Commitments

To meet industry standards for quality and safety:-

  • We source from highly reliable suppliers
  • Our pharmacists and technicians receive regular, specialised training to keep abreast of current development in the medical and health industry
  • We agree to adhere to the guidelines governing compounding:-
    • Guidelines on Compounding of Medicines (PBA)
    • Guidelines for Dispensing of Medicines (PBA)
    • Professional Practice Standards (PSA)
    • Extemporaneous Compounding (PSA)
    • Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook (PSA)
    • Therapeutic Goods Act 1989
    • Occupational Health & Safety Regulation
  • Be morally, ethically, legally, politically, and clinically sound in all our decision-making process
  • LifeCare has implemented Standard Operating Procedures to achieve at least minimum good clinical practice standards

Our Trusted Suppliers

LP3 Network

Our Team

  • Tania Tan
    Tania Tan
    Principal Pharmacist
  • Cheryl Chia
    Cheryl Chia
    Principal Pharmacist
  • Andrew Lai
    Andrew Lai
    Business Development
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